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Choose the right size Slacklaces: 

Shoe Type Shoe Size Slacklace Size
Women's Running Shoes 5-9 Adult Small Slacklace
  9.5 and up Adult Medium Slacklace
Women's Hightop Shoes 5-7 Adult Small Slacklace
  7.5 and up Adult Medium Slacklace
Men's Running Shoes 5-9 Adult Small Slacklace
  9.5 and up Adult Medium Slacklace
Men's Hightop Shoes 5-10 Adult Medium Slacklace
  10 and up  Adult Large Slacklace
Kid's Running Shoes 1-3 Kids Small Slacklace
  4 and up Kids Large Slacklace
Kid's Hightop Shoes 1-3 Kids Large Slacklace
  4 and up Adult Small Slacklace




Please keep in mind that every shoe is different, when it comes to minimalist running shoes there are usually less eyelets that are closer together, which means it will require less lace material. 

Lacing your new Slacklaces

Putting your slacklaces on is very easy, no tools needed and no difficult installation, follow the 6 simple steps below:

  • 1. Remove your old regular laces.
  • 2. Have your foot placed in your shoe while lacing your new Slacklaces.
  • 3. Take the conveniently curved aglet and place it through the grommet, as you would any regular shoelace.
  • 4. Work your way up your shoe making sure both ends of your Slacklaces are even.
  • 5. The most important thing to remember during this process is not to over tighten your Slacklaces. They should be evenly snug, not too tight and not too loose where you can see noticeable slack.
  • 6. The last step is tying the bow, just as you would with your old laces. Tie a single tight knot, make your bunny ears and loop them, make sure you cinch the knot very tight, if your bow seems loose retie.

All finished, now your ready to enjoy and feel the advanced comfort of your new Slacklaces. If you need additional help, or have any questions email us.